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Join the Blockchain Revolution

Be part of the change, train with Blockchain Academy International, world leader in the delivery of enterprise solutions and government accredited training programs. 

This is a massive opportunity with jobs in every industry. 


Industry Opportunities

Telecom Industry

Blockchain in telecommunications provides the necessary network infrastructure and connectivity for voice, data, media and other related services. The data exchange between the networks calls for data security, integrity, inspection and fraud detection that can be facilitated by blockchain. Experts will be required to build and implement all of these projects across the entire telecom industry. 

Banking Industry

Blockchain in banking will improve payments, transfers, clearing, verification and settlement of transactions. Major banking institutions are hiring talent for a mix of roles from sales professionals to workers designing crypto offerings for consumers and engineers building the blockchain platforms for banks themselves. 

Insurance Industry

Blockchain ooptimises the efficiency, security and transparency of the insurance industry. DLT has beneficial applications for streamlining insurance claims processing, boosting cybersecurity protocols and even speeding up payment times. Blockchain experts will be required to build and implement all of these projects across the entire insurance industry. 

Real Estate Industry

Blockchain technology is poised to give the real estate industry a huge boost. With its inherent system of trust, it is ideal technology for this industry. Real estate companies across the globe will require individuals to build and manage the blockchain infrastructure to allow for smart contract and ledger abilities to transparently and efficiently facilitate renting, buying, investing and even lending. 

Media & Entertainment  Industry

Blockchain technology will also change the media and entertainment industry. This technology has the power to eliminate digital piracy, fraudulent copies, infringed studio intellectual property and duplication of digital items. It will also allow individuals to monetise themselves and their content/work.

This will be a very interesting and dynamic space for blockchain experts to work within.

And many more....
there is a little blockchain in everything

According to recent workforce data from LinkedIn, blockchain was the most in-demand hard skill of 2020 with the small supply of qualified professionals in this area currently in high demand.

According to the 2021 global blockchain employment report, the increase in global demand for blockchain developers is up by 300-500% yearly with the average annual income in the US for a blockchain developer is $136,000, followed by $87,500 in Asia and $73,300 per year in Europe

A major report completed by EY released Oct 2021 forecasts that almost a quarter of a million Aussies could be employed in the cryptocurrency industry by 2030; and by this date cryptocurrencies and related digital assets could generate $68.4 billion and employ 205,700 people, 17 times the existing workforce.

What an opportunity to take advantage of...

The demand for people with Blockchain skills is high. Due to its many fields of application, it is looking to hire those who have the skills set to navigate this new technology. 

Where you might get a job

There are four significant players in the crypto job market, these are:

  • Industries – these are big companies like banks, accountancy firms, oil & gas, insurance, retailer as well as law offices that want to keep up with the technology.

  • Startups – these are independent businesses and products created since the invention of Blockchain.

  • Tech firms – these are the companies that have the most to lose in case Blockchain tech takes over the world. As they try to shift to a decentralized system, they need all the expertise they can gather.

  • Governments –  many governments have been hiring crypto experts to advise them. Several governments are warming up to Blockchain due to its many advantages; Blockchain professionals are in high demand.


Career Opportunities In Blockchain

Here are some of the positions that are available with one of our qualifications.  

Blockchain Solution Architect

The Blockchain Solution Architect has the responsibility of designing, assigning, and connecting Blockchain solution components with the team experts such as developers, network administrators, UX designers, and IT Operations whose to develop to complete the Blockchain solutions.


Blockchain Project Manager

This individual is entrusted with the responsibility of connecting Blockchain projects to experts whose duty it is to develop Blockchain solutions. Blockchain project managers need to be equipped with the skills of a traditional (cloud) project manager. They also need to master the technical bit to understand the technology thoroughly. Another important ability is excellent communication skills; this is essential when addressing non-technical workers, when providing useful updates or when trying to get resources from higher authorities.


Blockchain UX Designer

With the incorporation of Blockchain into so many industries, its design as well as user interface, is becoming critical. The role of a Blockchain designer is shaping a user interface that creates trust and is alluring to a regular user. These individuals need to be able to pay attention to detail, have an artistic touch, but most importantly they need to be hardworking as their line of work requires them to spend countless hours behind their computers.


Blockchain Quality Engineer

In any development environment, we have a quality assurance engineer who tests and ensures that all areas of the project are of the required quality. In the Blockchain world, a Blockchain engineer plays a similar role by guaranteeing that all operations are of excellence in the Blockchain development environment. In other words, they conduct the testing and automation of frameworks for Blockchain. These individuals need to have a third eye as far as payment to detail is concerned because a small mistake on their part affects everyone using their technology. Excellent communication skills would also go a long way in maintaining good work relationships.


Blockchain Legal Consultant

Of course, as organizations try to comprehend the adoption of Blockchain into their systems legal issues always arise. As companies launch this new technology, they are also looking for legal expertise on what considerations to make while investing. They are curious about the implications of their actions, about how to handle their finances, and lastly how to manage their identity. Of course, for such an individual, proper communication skills are mandatory. You also need to have a good grasp of your international law as Blockchain is tech without borders for the same reason it is advisable that such people master as many universal languages as they can.


Everyone In The Business

Besides the specific roles of professionals working with Blockchain technologies, it is also important that everyone in the organization has a fundamental understanding of Blockchain. Only when everyone has an understanding of the benefits, key capabilities, use cases, and critical success factors can organizations can fully exploit the Blockchain.


Other Connected Roles

  • Accountants

  • Public Relations

  • Marketers

  • Crypto journalists

  • Managers

  • Crypto brokers

  • Analysts

  • ICO advisors

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